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How much do you charge?

Recording services are charged per hour and prices can be found under our "BOOKING" tab at the top of the page.

Mixing & Mastering services are charged by project and a quote can be requested on the "MIXING/MASTERING" page.


How do I schedule a session? And when are you typically open?

Under the "BOOKING" tab you can see available times and reserve them.


How long will it take to record a song?

Recording a song can vary from just an hour or 2 to 10+ hours. The time it takes to record each song will depend on the number of tracks that will be recorded, the level of musicianship of each member, and the setup time for each instrument. Set up time is part of the hourly rate, so keep in mind that some instruments may take time to set up (ie; drums). 

If you are unsure, book 3-4 hours as the deposit is the same for both and if we get done early its no problem.


How can I save time and money in the studio?

Come to the studio well practiced! And make sure that all the creative work for each song is done well ahead of the scheduled session. Artists far too often come in and use studio time on lyrics or song form that could have been spent actually recording the song. Bringing in some tracks recorded from home may help too.


What should I prepare or bring?

If you are bringing song files, either email us the files (zipped into individual song folders) or bring them on a flash drive. Also have BPM (tempo) ready for each song that you bring in with pre-recorded files.


What is the difference between producing and the recording process?

Producing, in the professional world, is a term used to describe the creative process of writing, arranging, & putting together a song. Recording (or tracking) is specifically the process of setting up microphones and recording each instrument or person in a way that sounds most appealing. We offer both but they are priced differently as the value of a fantastically written song, and an amazing production will define the song. Please refer to our production page for more info. 


Do you offer production services?

Yes, please go to the "CONTACT" tab and fill out the form we will get back to you and help you through the process!


Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts to customers that leave 5 star reviews on google!


Do you rent out the studio without having to hire an engineer?

We do offer the studio for rent which includes an assistant to help you run the studio for your own projects. This is not available for just anyone. Engineers wanting to do this must be pre-approved by the owner. For further inquiries, contact us at


Do you accept interns? Are you hiring?

We are always accepting interns with open arms. There are always jobs to be done. If you are willing to put in the time and work in exchange for some studio/business knowledge, email us your resume and cover letter to (we are official intern creditors for both UVU and BYU).

At the moment, we are not hiring any full time or part time engineers. When we do, we will probably pick an intern... so there's that.


What types of payment do you accept?

Most payments will go through our partner Stripe either here on the website or in your Filepass folder where your files are sent. These transactions are secure and well documented! I may also accept gear bribery >:-)


Can I be in the studio while you mix or master?

Absolutely. If you are local and want to step in while we mix or master your music, feel free.

If you are not local, we will be in constant contact with you about your project so there is no need to worry. We also have options to live stream with you while you listen to us work. Email us for more info.


What is included in Recording?

  • Current hourly rate is $55 an hour, with a $110 deposit. , your deposit will go towards total studio time. 

  • I book 2 hours minimum.

  • If a session needs to go longer than the time you originally reserved, we can typically extend it.

  • Includes access to all the instruments in the studio, microphones preamps etc.

  • 32 inputs for recording with 2 Iso booths. We can track almost any band live.

  • We'll make sure that your tone and takes are perfect. I have been playing guitar professionally for years and am a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. I'm not afraid to let you know when something isn't quite right, but I'm also going to give you very clear help and instructions to fix what might be wrong. None of the "it isn't quite fluffy enough" kind of jargon.

  • I'm also very open to helping add or write new parts for songs, whether it be harmonies, vocal choirs, guitar, synths, keys, drums or sound design. The sky is the limit. If you have an idea but don't know quite how to make it happen, I bet we could make something cool. Keep in mind that after an hour of me doing sound design, writing or playing instruments for your tune we'll move to production rates of $70 an hour. Read the section "Production with Zach Boorman" below for more info

  • For simple acoustic songs (6 tracks or less) I can do a quick mix and export it for you at the end of the session. This will take about 45 minutes, so plan your session accordingly. 

  • The session starts at the time you reserved. Be on time. 

  • Set up is part of your reserved studio time, note that setup with certain instruments will take a minute. Refer to the FAQ for more info. 


What is included in Production?

A great producer is an organizer of a project. The person that makes a written song go from an idea to the best version of itself it can be. In the past a producer may have only gathered instrumentalists and engineers and organized what needed to be done. Now, producers do that and with modern technology, can wear the hats of the recording engineer, composer, studio musician and editor. Basically, a producer is the most important thing your well written song needs.  


​Production rates differ from normal rates. Either $70 an hour or on a per song basis. If you're just wanting a few parts added to the song while we're recording the stuff your band already has come up with, for example vocal harmonies, an hour of production is included with any song we're recording. If we go past the hour working on something, we can continue recording at the production rate if needed. This is meant to be a flexible way to serve any song.

  • The rate for a fully produced song is $600 and includes:​

  • A consultation where we'll come up with ideas and you can share your vision of the song. 

  • 4-5 sessions in the studio, where we will experiment with ideas, tones, parts, sound design, and record them. Basically the sky is the limit with this, tell me what you're thinking and I bet we can come up with something awesome. 

  • Up to two world class studio musicians (I'm pretty good at most things, but there are people that are some of the best in the world that I know) on your tune. This could be drums, keys, bass, horns or strings. If we want more, usually it's just enough to pay the musicians.

  • Vocal editing, alignment, and tuning, a $200 value. Basically you'll sound better than Ariana... or man Ariana.

  • Instrument editing alignment and tuning ($200 value)

  • Does not include mixing and mastering.​

  • Check out the Before and After playlist to see what production can add to your song!!

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