We are constantly recording clients on site in Studio A, making sure we capture the tones you're looking for.

We take raw tracks recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings.

We have a very big network of producers we work with who can help you build beats, write a full song, or even arrange horn and/or string parts! Email us for info

Our Work



Cinders, Band

They are extremely easy to work with and very professional. They are some of the funnest people to work with and they really care about your project. We highly recommend them over any other recording studio... in the state.

Peter Murray, Composer

I was looking for a studio to record some last-minute tracks for a film score, and Cold House took care of me! I was stressed, disorganized, and inexperienced, and Dee Kei never let it bother him - he just went to work on my project and did everything he could to make it as good as possible - and he did it with a stellar attitude and tons of enthusiasm! I felt like he was really in my corner and invested in making sure things went well. I can't thank them enough! Thank you!

Tate Sexton, Artist

Dee Kei is a very patient producer who helps you to get the best recordings you can. The environment at cold house is very friendly and relaxed, but there's a great space with some very high quality gear so you have all the tools you need to record a great album.