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We are constantly recording clients on site, making sure we capture the tones you're looking for. We have tons of high quality gear for drummers, guitarists, synth lovers, and vocalists. Making sure you get the best performance with the best tone possible.

Zach is also a multi-instrumentalist ready to help with tips on parts, performance, drum tuning, sound design or even playing on your song 

We take raw tracks recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings Zach has mixed and mastered hundreds of tracks, including some for clients like Steve Morse and Greg Bissonete. Check out our before and after playlist below to see what a difference mixing and mastering could make for your track!

Zach is a world class producer, multi-instrumentalist and engineer. He can help you take your song from a simple singer songwriter type song or a band with just a few parts written to a polished industry ready song. Check out the before and afters below for examples of songs in varying stages of development to after the client came to Zach at Cold House!

Our Work

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Isaac Anderson

Zach Boorman is an absolute WIZARD in the studio. He KNOWS what he's doing. Extremely talented musician: drums, bass, guitar, keys, you name it. The dude can even sing, and helped us out with a couple of harmonies during the recording time. He's got a great set up, and He's extremely economical and super easy to work with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RECORDING HERE!!!!

Jurgen Vantrola

I cannot describe how absolutely talented Zach is. As an artist sometimes it’s hard to find producers that understand your vision and how you want your song to go, but Zach is different, he knows exactly what you want when you ask, he has amazing ideas of his own as well that works with ur vision. The skill he has when it comes to mixing is crazy, and he’s not a one stop shop, he has so many different skills to his disposal, so he has a lot to bring to the table as someone to work with. All out someone I’m doing buissness with for a very long time. Thanks Zach 🖤 999🖤

Kip Watterson

MANNNNN. All i can say is zach is one of the most talented people that I know. He is incredibly musically oriented and has helped me create some amazing songs. He has had his friends come through with real instruments for my music. He has added guitars on different beats that i’ve purchased. And he never lets me or my homies down when we go there to create. The studio also has the greatest vibes and it’s my favorite place to be. Honestly at the beginning seeing his studio on google i was iffy, But 6 months later I couldn’t be happier with the investment i’ve made with him and the friendships i’ve Created with this place. Thanks a lot Zach!! #BEFORETHEFAME

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